Friday, December 4, 2009


Hubby & I listen to Hot*fm every morning while we are in our journey to the office. Since Fara is on a long holiday, Faizal had a few new+temporary partners. 1st it was HO, which aku tak bape nak berkenan. The morning show sounded very boring sbb faizal pon dah terikot skema.. the following week was with AS. ok la jugak.. mebi i'm a bit biase as he was our super duper senior back in high school. ahahaha.. and now, it is Jawa*Rangers in the morning!!! i loike!!! sgt sukaaaaa... kalo diorg time pagi, F&F pegi ptg pon i wont mind. (>_<)v

I believe Hotfm had been ranked as No.1 radio station in Malaysia is due to Kiran. He moved from together with his loyal listeners, which among them are me & my hubby..

ok ok, now i know what to ramble about!! let's comment on Hotfm topic every morning! yeah! (giler takde topik sendiri kan?) wateva.

topik semalam, kerja gila yg penah buat time chenta remaja.. honestly, i neva did any stupid stuff mase berchenta (bleh caye ke?) muahahahaa.. paling bangang wa bahalul that i'm so ashamed to remember was crying over a break-up. to me, i was plain stupid. just get over it. thou ppl might say it was like having a good cry, but come on, you were still studying.. you shouldnt get involve in it at the 1st place (aku dah kawen, bleh la ckp cemnih kan?) muahahahhaaa.. from my observation, the percentage of high school couples (or even Uni) to get married is very VERY very thin. I was with a guy for more than 3 years but i married with which ermm.. aarrh.. urhh.. susah nak count our period of chentan-chentun sbb kitorang special case.. ahahahhaa.. nway, my point is, dunt do stupid things to yourself. you'll may laugh at it later, but ppl also will laugh at you. stil, if u do, learn from it. grew over it. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. and not to forget, what my mom used to say, "World is Round, God is Great".. meaning what u did to other ppl soonest or later you'll also be punished, might as well rewared. aku lari dari topik ya? wateva.

topik kedua (topik hot*fm pagi ini pulak)
terlupa bukan tak ingat.
i think it is the same, isnt it? tak ye? ntah. agaknyer cam semalam la, i remembered the whole day that i'm suppose to meet a fren at 6pm. when it was 5.40pm baru aku teringat yg aku ade opoimen, then kelam kabut kemas meja+solat+berlari kuar opis.. relevan kah?

ok la.. entry yg agak plain. kan aku dah kate, ini blog utk bersopan.. swear that i'll wont maki @ kutuk @ umpat org kat sini.. hahahhaa.. i'll try to make it "lebih hangat daripada biasa" in the next entry. chalos..

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