Thursday, February 18, 2010

Besday Cik Kak Ver2

As the previous year, we had besday cik kak ver2 at malacca. this time it was held a lil bit late, on 14th Feb 2010 due to some other events dah chop our weekends earlier. anyway, Yey!

  1. Our family
  2. Mak
  3. BangWai's family
  4. Abg Pian's family
  5. Kak Ngah's family
thou the list is short, but all together there are 19 ppl in da house! enuf to make it riuh la.. :-P

  1. Kek
  2. satey
  3. nasi impit
  4. mee goreng
  5. kueh
  6. air

the food.. kenyang smp dah tak larat nak makan..

aina je yg pandai tiup lilin.. lagi dua tu masih blur lagik..

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