Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forever In Love...

I've alwaiz love weddings. dari zaman anak dara sampai dah jadik mak dara, i stil enjoy attend wedding.. beautiful pengantin, pelamin, berkat, good food and not to miss, sirap org kawen.. walaupon tawar, suka jugaks! ahahaha..

I love seeing familiar faces.. ala2 gathering.. jmp kgkwn lama, family yg lame tak jmp etc..

I love the environment. the warmth of love. everyone happy. smiling faces everywhere. perantin opcoz sgt sweet together-gether.. you can feel love is in the air.. beautiful.

it took so much trust, faith and obviously love to be walking down the aisle with our partner. not to mention dramatic heart-breaking, tormented moments that we've gone thru, we stil managed to be an item. alhamdulillah.. we're stil holding hands, cherish for each other's presence. everyday.

so please, have heart. stop spreading the negative aura.. it is very disturbing, annoying, immature & shallow. and to nice ppl around me, your positive vibes will alwaiz make me strong..

insyaAllah, we'll be forever in love.. muaaahhhss..

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